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Rayearth Awards
Icontest for Magic Knight Rayearth
Week #08: REMINDER 
31st-Aug-2006 08:36 pm
Arashi - murasaki no hime
This is your mid-week reminder to participate in Week #8's challenge: Orikasa Fumiko - Rinne no Hate ni!! I know it's a lyrical theme and everybody seems to hate lyrical themes... but please do SUBMIT!!

Right now, there are only 2, albeit very lovely, icons from one entrant... and I'm very sad there aren't anymore!! *pretends to cry* So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, have it in your kind creative hearts to MAKE SOME ICONS FOR THIS WEEKS THEME!!!

The deadline is this Friday, September 1st at midnight! Deadline has been extended until Monday, September 4th (because I will be away :D)!

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