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Week #08: SUBMIT

Yup, you guessed it, it's Lyrical Week again! This week's song is very short (in the amount of words) but I think it's really inspiring. Please try your best!!

Lyrics gotten from Waxin' Lyrical

Rinne no Hate ni [At the end of destiny]
Sung by: Orikasa Fumiko
Ending theme to Shingetsutan Tsukihime
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toki no kanata e to
koboreochita namida
tada samayoi mada
ate mo nai mama meguru omoi

oikakete hitori kurikaeshi uzuku mune
yobikakete fui ni tsutsumikomu hikari o
kasuka ni kanjiteiru

yami ni hisomu koe
tsutaetakute kokoro
demo furueru kage
sashidashita te o surinuketeku

todokanai inori
hitotoki no nemuri sae
yume no naka negau
karamawaru tokei o yasashiku dakishimete

karamiau rinne kizamareta rekishi koe
eien no hate de mata meguriaeru kara
towa ni yakusoku o shite

Fallen tears, spilt towards the end of time
Merely lost
Swirling thoughts, without an aim
Running after - A heart in pain, repetition, alone *1
Calling out - Feeling faintly
the light that unexpectedly embraced me

A heart longing to be heard - voices sinking into darkness
and yet, the wavering shadows
slip through the hands reaching towards them
An unheard prayer, for this one moment of languor
Enfolding in a gentle embrace
this clock I longed for in my dreams, its hands pointlessly circling

Surpassing our intertwined destinies, etched into history *2
Making an unending promise *3
For at the end of eternity, fate willing, we'll meet again *4

Translation notes:
*1 The kanji here is 疾 (disease), but it is read うずく (pain).

*2 輪廻 is actually the word for the Buddhist concept of the wheel of rebirth. As there is no direct english equivalent I know of (the closest word coming to mind being Samskara, from Sanskrit), I translated this to "destiny", which also fit rather neatly with the line to follow.

*3 The kanji used is the same as the one in the previous line, 永遠. However, it takes a reading of "towa" (永久), which may be either a noun or an adjective, and thus I translated accordingly.

*4 巡り合う is literally "to meet by chance".

You must use at least 3 consecutive words, in English or Japanese, on your icon and it has to be legible! I know this song might be a hard one so please let me know if you have any questions!!

Submission Rules:
  • You may submit up to two (2) icons for this theme. The two icons must use two different phrases from the lyrics above.
  • Your icon must be LJ-compatible (100x100, 40kb,...)
  • You may not advertise your icon(s) before the winners post is up!

Please also read the general rules in the profile!

Submit your icon(s) by making a comment to this post with your icon(s) and URL(s) like this:

The deadline for entries is Friday, September 1st, 2006, 11:59PM, Eastern Standard Time. I will be away this weekend so I'm extending the deadline to Monday, September 4th, 2006, 11:59PM, Eastern Standard Time!! You must be a member to enter. If you have any questions, please post a comment!

Good luck!
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