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Rayearth Awards
Icontest for Magic Knight Rayearth
October 1st, 2007 
07:31 am(no subject)
Inuyasha: Kagome
We need more votes, please! Right now we have a three way tie, so more votes are definitely needed! Please HERE, thanks!
Inuyasha: Kagome
Hello out there in TV Land...or cyberspace, anyone there? We still need more votes for the last challenge, so please be telling your friends to vote if you can. Vote HERE.

This week's theme is...

Week 30: Tiny

Interpret as you'd like, feel free to ask questions or clarify your submission with me if you want. If you're in need of images, please visit our community gallery, HERE.

[x] One icon submission per person.
[x] Meet LJ standards (100x100 / 40K or less .jpg, .gif or .png only).
[x] Follow submission guidelines (detailed in userinfo).
[x] Live Journal userpics is not an acceptable form of hosting.
[x] Mods reserve the right to accept or deny your submission.
[x] Please remember to submit in the proper format, you can find it in our userinfo.

Submit icons to this screened post by Saturday, October 6th, 9pm EST.
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